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Advanced Object Oriented Perl Class in Boston


May 2, 2001, 3:22 PM

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Advanced Object Oriented Perl Class in Boston

Advanced Object Oriented Perl Class in Boston, July 10-11

Damian Conway will be teaching his advanced object oriented class in Boston on Tuesday/Wednesday, July 10-11, 2001. The class will be at the Cambridge Marriott which is located in East Cambridge, on the Kendall/MIT stop of the Red Line subway. It is only 5 miles from Logan airport, close to downtown Boston and Harvard Sq. and is easily reached by car or public transportation.

Damian is the author of Object Oriented Perl, numerous Perl modules, has given lectures at major Perl and Open Source conferences and is a recognized expert in Object Oriented programming.

Damian has taught his Advanced OO Perl course all over the world to great acclaim. He is justly famous for his lecturing style which combines education and entertainment in a way that keeps his audience in rapt attention. His classes are not just a typical learning experience from a book or notes. Here is a rare opportunity for you to learn about OO Perl directly from the master. This will be a small class of no more than 30 students so you be able to have quality interactions with Damian and have your questions answered. Damian won't be back in Boston for at least a year so don't lose out on a great opportunity.

How to register and much more information can be found at:


There are already 9 registrants so register early to guarantee your seat.

If you have any questions or feedback, send email to uri@sysarch.com.