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Review individual products


Jun 2, 2001, 4:19 AM

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Review individual products

I need a script which enables users to post reviews of individual products just like on the amazon.com product pages.

Anybody know where I can get one?


Jun 2, 2001, 6:38 AM

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Re: Review individual products

Check out:

Quick Page Commenter - http://www.focalmedia.net/qpc.html

Reviews Community - http://www.scriptdesigner.com/reviews/

Magpie - http://www.randommouse.com/cgi-bin/rms/product/about/AboutProduct.cgi?product=MAGPI&source=perlarchive


Jun 2, 2001, 7:30 AM

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Re: Review individual products

Thanks for your help.

I really need a free one so the last two are out of the question.

The problem with the first one is that I want all the reviews to be grouped by what product they are reviewing i.e product 1 reviews separate to product 2 reviews. This enables me to call the grouped reviews onto the appropriate product pages.
The first one that you showed me groups all the reviews together without any sorting.

Any other ideas?