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Need help with a file upload script


May 30, 2000, 10:35 AM

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Need help with a file upload script

Help my programmer disappeared and I need assistance in making a cgi script to do the following.
I need it to first verify screen_name and 'password' by looking in my database and look in the table my users are in. I then need to verify if they are contributors by checking to see if thier "type" Matches by looking in the same table, if that goes through then I need to make sure thier account is active (check to see if the field displays a one or two)in the same table. I then determine the 'userid' by looking in the in the "users" table. Then I need to save the product info (price, title, descrip, userid, filename) to the "product" table in the same database, then get the 'prodid' from the [0]position, then save the file in the members /products/with prodid equaling the filename.

I can be much more specific if your interested! :-)