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Redhat Exchange Ecommerce Installation


Aug 31, 2001, 11:31 AM

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Redhat Exchange Ecommerce Installation

Does anyone have experience installing the Redhat Interchange ecommerce software? I really like the way it looks and it is free. Here is the link... http://demo.interchange.redhat.com/
This Redhat Interchange installation is a little over my head and the instructions are for Telnet (which I never have done...just FTP). I can install perl cgi most of the time pretty good but I cannot write it from scratch. My server only uses secure telnet and I don't have the software to do it.

I am just starting out and cannot pay much up front for help, but I would be willing to set up a payment plan for a a few months to reimburse the programmers efforts. In essence...I don't have a lot money just ambition...and I REALLY NEED HELP.

God Bless Anyone That Is Willing to Help Me....

PS. I will be building a Christian eCommerce store.


Oct 7, 2001, 7:39 PM

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Re: Redhat Exchange Ecommerce Installation


From the little information within your posting it sounds like your a new user to RedHat and to UNIX style operating systems in general. Assuming this my suggestion would be to scrap the idea of using Redhat Interchange ecommerce software because I believe this requires knowledge of a practised Linux administrator to implement. I've never installed it myself, but from browsing the RedHat site this is what I gathered.

As an alternative I suggest trying a beginner level ecommerce package such as Actinic Catalog (www.actinic.com). It is relatively a affordable solution($499 US) for starting up an ecommerce website you don't even need a merchant account.

I'm a webdeveloper who has set-up functioning e-commerce sites. I don't work for Actinic I just really like their products. If you'd like assistance please email me at pgadzinski23@hotmail.com. You can check out my background at www.valuedminds.com/peterg/