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Need help!


Sep 21, 2001, 3:10 PM

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Need help!

Its very strange, I still have problems with my script that uploads files to my web server via http...
I know my script doesn't have any error.
Does anybody have a clear idea of what is going wrong?
I use IE6, I'd restarted the HTTPD engine on my webserver, I use win98, .....
Does the errors occurs due to any configuration on my web server????
I use perl v5.6.0
I use these modules on my script:
use CGI qw/:standard :html3 :fatalsToBrowser /;
use CGI::Cookie;
use CGI::Carp;

I really don't know what's going wrong folks!
My script doesn't uploads the files but creates a zero byte file with the name of the file I'm trying to upload.
I use the read func.
If the file is a image file I use the binmode func;
Thanx 4 ur help...
I don't write in english very well, so excuse me for any error on the post



Sep 21, 2001, 5:25 PM

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Re: Need help!

ill attach a script that i've done and it works...