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Let me know if this is a good idea...and how to do


Oct 29, 2001, 6:04 PM

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Let me know if this is a good idea...and how to do

I am in the process of cleaning up a bunch of the code that I wrote.

Currently, I have created a series of hashes that store various information about the script such as: DEFAULTS, SCRIPT, and ERRORS.

DEFAULTS contains a listing of default values
SCRIPT contains script information (version, status, etc).
ERRORS contains a list of the various error messages.

I am looking to consolodate some of the above (and extent) this into one hash. The thing that I would like to do is have a PARAMETERS hash. In it I would like to have

1. The paramater name
2. A default value (if any)
3. A REQUIRED flag.
4. A error message if required is set but the parameter was not passed.

I guess it would look like:

my %PARAMETERS ( name => "delimiter" , default => "|", 
name => "type", required => "y",
name => "sort",
name => "order", default => "ascending", );

( ...I know the code above is wrong but it gives you the general idea... )

I would like to loop though all the required PARAMETERS to be used to trigger a DIE in the event that the user does not supply a value to the name PARAMETER.

Currently, anytime I have a parameter that I need to make sure exists, I have to write a eval statement for each parameter. This is a bit tedious and it justs seems wrong.

Essentially, this would allow me to define a new parameter in the hash and the code within the script would act accordingly.

An example of this that I currently have is:

# set defaults for parameters omitted by user 
for ( keys Ūfaults ) { $input->param(-name=>$_,-value=>$defaults{$_}) unless $input->param($_); }

...which sets the value of a parameter to the default if the value is not set yet.

Anybody have any ideas on how to approach this.


Sean Shrum