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CGI for classified ads


Dec 27, 1999, 5:42 PM

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CGI for classified ads

I'm looking for a cgi program that will allow me to setup a search classifed ads. Some key needs are:
1-Once any area is located ie: cars then
2-a sub catagorie for makes of cars and price
3-And when a user finds a car, the info as well as pictures of the car or item can be shown.
4-Users can also enter their classifed ad and info.


Dec 28, 1999, 8:05 AM

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Re: CGI for classified ads

There are 50 classified ad scripts listed in the Perl Archive Guide. Check out http://www.perlarchive.com/guide/Classified_Ads/. I would think you'd be able to find what you're looking for there.



Dec 28, 1999, 11:01 AM

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Re: CGI for classified ads


You may want to check out the following programs. These support subcategories and photographs. As James noted above, there are 50 Classified Ad programs at the Perl Archive's Classified Ad section. If the programs listed below don't suit your needs, please feel free to revisit the Classified Ad section.

Ads with Photos - $25.00

CGI Script ABS-6.01 - $335.00 (with subcategories)

classifieds 970115 - Free

e-Classifieds Photo Edition - $199.00