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Need a custom script - willing to pay


Jul 26, 2000, 10:22 PM

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Need a custom script - willing to pay

I need a script that will do several different thing:

First off all it needs to write to a text file in the same format that I am already using, as the text file is imported into a database and I do not want to rewrite the database. The current script I am using to do this is bnbform.cgi. I need to be able to indicate which fields go to the text file and in which order as well as indicate what the delimiter for the fields are.

It needs to send the form info to a specified email address.

And finally this is the part that is a problem, I'd like the script to place an attachment of the information filled out in the form in a .doc format that I can structure on the fly sent with the email. This will be for a recruiters website and we want to be able to make the form info into a printable resume. For example we want on the email .doc attachment for First Name, Last Name, Address and phone to be centered ect. We will need to put information on the form that will not be sent to the text file and visa versa. I also need to be able to configure this script for different recruiters web sites, and the recruiters receive different information.

I do not know if this is even possible, or if it would be done in CGI or a different language. If anyone has any idea of how this could be done and who could do it, it would be a great help and much appreciated.



Jul 27, 2000, 3:11 PM

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Re: Need a custom script - willing to pay


I will keep an eye out for a script for you.

- Mike