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Perl gimp mod

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Nov 1, 2002, 6:10 PM

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Perl gimp mod

I'm using the latest version of perl-gimp, perl 5.6.0 and the latest version of gimp. I'm using it to simply scale images because other methods don't render a quality thumbnail. The script worked perfectly until the latest upgrade of gimp. Now I get random Gimp::Net protocol errors.

I start gimp in non-interactive mode before starting the thumbnails script, and end it at the end. All gimp processes appear to end after finishing, however it does appear that when I get this error, the gimp thread that should be doing the scaling is defunct...

It apprears to me that I'm properly ending gimp between thumbnails, but I'm not aware of any other method than Gimp::end.

The oddest thing is putting a sleep() of a few seconds between thumbnails appears to make it error out on a less frequent basis. However, it's errors appear to be completely random. Sometimes it works, sometimes it errors out 50/60 -- succeeding for 2 or 3 then erroring out for like 15...

Does anyone have any suggestions or a reference on gimp-perl that I'm unable to find? I've looked and looked for a good reference and have been unsuccessful. Finally, I resorted to consulting you all. Hopefully someone can help...