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Dec 28, 1999, 5:11 PM

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users area

Hello, I am looking for a script or program that allows me to setup a site so that I can give people usernames/passwords to access particular information for that user. The end result is going to be something like Network Solutions has setup on their website. Does anyone have anything that can get me started, or else does anyone offer this service?


Dec 28, 1999, 5:29 PM

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Re: users area


I have never come accross any downloadable program like that, but there are a few programs I know of that you might want to check out.
First is a program called locked area. It costs $60 and is a very useful password protection program. It is located here: http://la.1stconnection.net/ . Now the second, is a program called Account Manager. There are two versions of it. You can find it here: http://cgi.elitehost.com/ . But from what described, you need a custom made script. If you do need one made, I would contact one of the forum moderators named scott, he might be able to help you out. His forum nickname is Borderline. Please post another message if you need furthur assistance.

- Mike