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Paths and OBJECTS


Aug 24, 2003, 5:41 PM

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Paths and OBJECTS

I am using a perl script with javascript, I have a <OBJECT> bound to a file. When I run the perl script it can not find the path

I have already tried:






but it did not reconise them. I also get a error message somtimes that says "can't be used if object is closed" but if I run the perl script do a view source them put in the \\ between directories then save it as a HTML file and then run that it works fine. But and can't just call a HTML file because I need to pass information to it.

when I debug it it stops on SkillData.Reset() and in the inURL variable it has only 1 slash but the Path has 2. any suggestions would be great thanks

I have uploaded all the files needed to run it. If you run it then do a view source and save it as a HTML then run that it works
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