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JavaScript feature in email messages


May 11, 2005, 8:16 AM

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JavaScript feature in email messages

Need help to implement JavaScript feature in email messages(for Outlook XP, other mail programs). I want enable to my recipients to use a JavaScript code from an HTML email message for full value utilization of Javascript features and works with html email. They cannot work normally with html emails without a Javascript. Unfortunately, JavaScript is disabled by default in Outlook 2002 and perhaps in some others mail clients. Javascript disabled has created huge problems for me and my recipients, since they all use Javascript and need enable Javascript directly in HTML email messages(various registration forms, announces, etc, etc) However, there are wokarounds to solve this problem. As I know, some professionals use Javascript in emails without problems. Using a number of some tricks, it can be used to solve problem and still use HTML email message with Javascript in normal way.

How to solve this problem? As I know, probably its possible use redirection, frames, some mixed methods to solve issue. Any ideas?