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Forum integration with members area

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Jan 9, 2006, 5:56 AM

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Forum integration with members area

Hi there.

Iím currently using a free management software (http://www.interlogy.com/products/pmb/index.html), to run my members area and Iím looking for a programmers to integrate this simple forum (http://www.ascadnetworks.com/cgi/demos/mf.shtml) both software are free to.

The idea of the forum is to work with my current membership using my membersí details (login name) to post messages where the name field is, the email and agreement tick box also to be disabled.

When a member posts a message it opens a new page but it is essential that the page stays inside my membersí template other wise the sessions get cancelled and my members need to log back in again and also the images are lost.

Also required is that my members can delete their own posts.

Iím happy to work on the templates myself but just need a programmer to work with the coding. My budget is very small of only a $100 and the work is needed rather quickly (by the 20th Jan).

If you require any other information then please donít hesitate to contact me again.