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Feb 12, 2006, 7:31 PM

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DBI Proxy

Hi I am trying to connect to an MS Access Database on a Windows XP box from a Linux PC running Fedora 4 via the DBI Proxy running on my PC. Using dbish to test the connection gives me the following message. Also please not I have tried older and newer versions of Perl but it has made no difference. XP Machine has 5.8.7 and the Linux box has 5.8.8.

Mon Feb 13 12:11:40 2006 debug, 1, New child starting (DBI::ProxyServer=HASH(0x1b5cad8)).
Mon Feb 13 12:11:44 2006 debug, 1, Accepting client from, port 44271
Mon Feb 13 12:11:44 2006 err, 1, Child died: Storable binary image v2.7 more recent than I am (v2.6)
at ..\..\lib\Storable.pm (autosplit into ..\..\lib\auto\Storable\thaw.al) line 363, at C:/Perl/site
/lib/RPC/PlServer/Comm.pm line 145 thread 1

Mon Feb 13 12:11:44 2006 debug, 1, Child terminating.Unsure

Any clues would be greatly appreciated.



Feb 12, 2006, 10:34 PM

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Re: [kroppduster] DBI Proxy

Looks like a problem with Storable.pm, you need to use the same version on each machine I am guessing.