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Automatic mail reply!

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Aug 25, 2006, 6:11 PM

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Automatic mail reply!

OK here is what I need, I am building site where people can buy something that can be sent over mail, like some text, and payment is working over PayPal. When transaction is completed, how can I automatically send an e-mail to customer where is his "text or something" that he bought. I know it's confused, but I think you will understand me.

OK, is this possible? If it is, what my domain host has to have and how to build this?

One more thing, I am a bit curious, how can or how works this thing, when you sign up on some site, how is the random password is sent to his mail, that he uses to get into the member area? I am asking you this because, is there any possibility that I can use this for my problem?

Thank you very much,
by cunga_lunga