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count sentences in document

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Oct 16, 2006, 11:03 PM

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count sentences in document

this is a second topic. i asking again

i have a file "test.txt" and contain
sentences one , sentence two . sentence three
aon two three.
laerning perl , with lingua . blaaaaaaaaaaaaa.
blaaaa. dsadsad.
strill learning .sdaasdsad.dsadsadasd

and in my case , <text> .. </text> we can say that "document"

and i want to count each sentence in document

my coding :

use HTML::TokeParser;
my $file="test.txt";
my $seleksi=HTML::TokeParser->new($file);
my $j=0;
while ($seleksi->get_tag('text')){
print $seleksi->get_text(),"\n";
print "count document are " , $j;

i want to combine to count sentence . may be result is

document 1 = sum count sentence= 2
document 2 = sum count sentence =3
document 3 =sum count sentence =4

sorry for my bad english

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Oct 17, 2006, 3:27 AM

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Re: [andrewumb] count sentences in document


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