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windows permission issue with perl

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Nov 22, 2006, 9:44 AM

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windows permission issue with perl

Here's the situation on windows 2003 server R2

Perl script waits for files to appear in certain directory then processes them to RDBMS. Since this script uses change notification it is always running. I have it running at machine startup as a scheduled task.

I have created a user account to run various perl scripts and assign it rights as needed. When I terminal service in using this perl user account the script works fine.

However, when I schedule it to run under the perl account and run that task terminal serviced in as an admin it does not work. Specifically it fails to read the list of files from the directory. @filelist = `dir $ROOT_DIRECTORY`;

I know the obvious permissions are correct because the script works when logged in as the perl user. Is there something about terminal services or scheduled tasks that is preventing the directory read?