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"Attempt to free unreferenced scalar" and "Scalars leaked: 1" ?

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Mar 30, 2007, 9:32 AM

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"Attempt to free unreferenced scalar" and "Scalars leaked: 1" ?

Suppose we have "A.pl" and "B.pm" as follows.

my $dummy=1;
threads->create("B::c", ($dummy));

sub c{...}

"Scalars leaked: 1" occurs for each ref or a hash (replace $dummy with %dummy in above script) that is passed as argument to "B::c".

"Attempt to free unreferenced scalar" always happens in above example when we pass a variable (of any type) in one process to a sub in another module when it is run as a thread.

In all above cases, arguments have been initialized before creating threads. In "B::c", it also doesn't matter if those arguments appear as lef-side or right-side (the semaphore and queue definitely change their content and I also tried not to use any argument in "B::c" or just print out some scalar or size of some non-scalar.).

So, is this a problem of my script or a bug or some friendly message that can be safely ignored? Any comments? Thanks!


perl v5.8.8 built for i686-linux-thread-multi
2.6.15-gentoo linux

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Mar 30, 2007, 9:46 AM

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Re: [licht] "Attempt to free unreferenced scalar" and "Scalars leaked: 1" ?

I don't know myself, if you ask on perlmonks you will probably get a good explanation: