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launching exe with params from script

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Apr 30, 2007, 11:46 AM

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launching exe with params from script

Hello all... I am writing a sctip that will launch a gui app. I am having issues passing a parameter to the exe. It works just fine if I am not using perl (same syntax)...

Basically here is the sitch:

I want to launch "c:\idxterm\idx.exe /winsock=localhost"

(With winsock being the parameter). I have tried it both with exec and system (and do understand the diff) but it does not seem that the parm is passed correctly. My syntax is as follows:

exec 'c:\idxterm\idxterm.exe /winsock=localhost'
system "c:\idxterm\idxterm.exe /winsock=localhost"

Help me please!!! :)