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Excel help

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Nov 5, 2007, 8:02 AM

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Excel help

I am retrieving 6 sets of information from a database server. and currently all my script can do is retrieve them and put them in excel sheets and make charts specific to a column...now what happens is that if there are 6 sets of information...there are 12 excel files which are formed(one containing info retrieved and other containing graph)..what i need to do is all the charts should be in one excel file and those charts shud be there in different tabs..i am attaching the sheets so tht i can explain it to you more

I have attached 4 charts..now these charts are retrieved from the database when i loop from 1 to 4..all i need to do is instead of having them in sep excel files..i need them in one workbook and in different sheets..if u see sheet1 of every chart has information regarding how chart is formed...kindly help me in this one..i have been stuck since a month..

thanks in advance
Attachments: Chart 1.xls (17.5 KB)
  Chart 2.xls (17.5 KB)
  Chart 3.xls (17.5 KB)
  Chart 4.xls (17.5 KB)