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Perl array OLE question

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Nov 9, 2007, 11:17 AM

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Perl array OLE question

Hi. I am trying to run a Visio macro from Perl using the Win32::OLE library. For my program I need to draw a spline. The argument it requires to create this must be an xyarray.

the VBA command to make this is...

ThisDocument.DrawSpline(xyarray, Tolerance, Flag)

I know the VBA array is different than a perl array so I havn't been able to send it directly. I also read online that you just had to pass the array byref and the OLE library would handle it...I think it would look like this.

$VPage->DrawSpline(\@array, "0", $H8");

That didn't work for me. I also read something about using a VT_ARRAY, but i'm not exactly sure how that would work. I'd appriciate your help!