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error while installing


Mar 19, 2008, 3:55 AM

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error while installing


i am getting the following error while installing DBI-1.601 am getting the following error.

$ perl Makefile.PL

Using DBI 1.601 (for perl 5.008003 on IA64.ARCHREV_0-thread-multi) installed in /opt/perl_32/lib/site_perl/5.8.3/IA64.ARCHREV_0-thread-multi/auto/DBI/

Configuring DBD::Oracle for perl 5.008003 on hpux (IA64.ARCHREV_0-thread-multi)

Remember to actually *READ* the README file! Especially if you have any problems.

Using Oracle in /oracle/ora10g/OraHome


Oracle version (10.2)

Found /oracle/ora10g/OraHome/rdbms/demo/demo_rdbms.mk

Using /oracle/ora10g/OraHome/rdbms/demo/demo_rdbms.mk

Your LD_LIBRARY_PATH env var is set to '/oracle/ora10g/OraHome/lib'

WARNING: Your LD_LIBRARY_PATH env var doesn't include '/oracle/ora10g/OraHome/lib32' but probably needs to.

Reading /oracle/ora10g/OraHome/rdbms/demo/demo_rdbms.mk

Reading /oracle/ora10g/OraHome/rdbms/lib/env_rdbms.mk

Attempting to discover Oracle OCI build rules

cc -O -c DBD_ORA_OBJ.c

(Bundled) cc: warning 922: "-O" is unsupported in the bundled compiler, ignored.

by executing: [make -f /oracle/ora10g/OraHome/rdbms/demo/demo_rdbms.mk build ECHODO=echo ECHO=echo GENCLNTSH='echo genclntsh' CC=true OPTIMIZE= CCFLAGS= EXE=DBD_ORA_EXE OBJS=DBD_ORA_OBJ.o]

Oracle oci build command:

[ true -Wl,+s -Wl,+n +DD64 -o build -L/oracle/ora10g/OraHome/rdbms/lib/ -L/oracle/ora10g/OraHome/lib/ -o DBD_ORA_EXE DBD_ORA_OBJ.o -lclntsh `cat /oracle/ora10g/OraHome/lib/ldflags` `cat /oracle/ora10g/OraHome/lib/sysliblist` -lm -lpthread]

WARNING: Stripped `cat /oracle/ora10g/OraHome/lib32/sysliblist`

from link command, because it contains libraries not

compiled with +z or +Z (PIC) causing link to fail.

Furthermore, we should have already grabbed these libraries

Found header files in /oracle/ora10g/OraHome/rdbms/public.

WARNING: If you have trouble, see README.hpux.txt...

you may have to build your own perl, or go hunting for libraries

WARNING: If you have trouble, try perl Makefile.PL -l

Checking for functioning wait.ph

System: perl5.008003 hp-ux bigsur03 b.11.22 u ia64 1800516905 unlimited-user license

Compiler: cc -fast +DSitanium2 +Ofltacc=strict -D_POSIX_C_SOURCE=199506L -D_REENTRANT -Ae -D_HPUX_SOURCE -Wl,+vnocompatwarnings -DNO_HASH_SEED +Z -D_LARGEFILE_SOURCE -D_FILE_OFFSET_BITS=64

Linker: /usr/bin/ld

Sysliblist: -l:librt.so -l:libnss_dns.so.1 -l:libdld.so -lm -lpthread -lunwind -lnsl

Oracle makefiles would have used these definitions but we override them:

CC: cc



[$(GFLAG) $(OPTIMIZE) $(CDEBUG) -Ae -z +Olibmerrno +Z -DHPUX -DORAIA64 -DHPUX_IA64 +DD64 -DSS_64BIT_SERVER -DHPPA64 -DSLS8NATIVE -DSLU8NATIVE +DD64 -D_LARGEFILE64_SOURCE -D_REENTRANT -DHPUX_KTHREAD -DSLXMX_ENABLE -DSLTS_ENABLE -D_REENTRANT -I/oracle/ora10g/OraHome/rdbms/demo -I/oracle/ora10g/OraHome/rdbms/public -I/oracle/ora10g/OraHome/plsql/public -I/oracle/ora10g/OraHome/network/public -DHPUX -D_REENTRANT -DHPUX_KTHREAD -DSLXMX_ENABLE -DSLTS_ENABLE -DSS_64BIT_SERVER -DBIT64 -DMACHINE64 -DORAIA64 -DHPUX_IA64 $(LPFLAGS) $(USRFLAGS)]


[-Wl,+s -Wl,+n +DD64 -o $@ -L/oracle/ora10g/OraHome/rdbms/lib/ -L$(LIBHOME)]

Linking with OTHERLDFLAGS = +DD64 -L/oracle/ora10g/OraHome/rdbms/lib32/ -L/oracle/ora10g/OraHome/lib32/ -lclntsh `cat /oracle/ora10g/OraHome/lib32/ldflags` -lm -lpthread [from 'build' rule]

Checking if your kit is complete...

Looks good


Using DBD::Oracle 1.19.

Using DBD::Oracle 1.19.

Using DBI 1.601 (for perl 5.008003 on IA64.ARCHREV_0-thread-multi) installed in /opt/perl_32/lib/site_perl/5.8.3/IA64.ARCHREV_0-thread-multi/auto/DBI/

Writing Makefile for DBD::Oracle

*** If you have problems...

read all the log printed above, and the README and README.help.txt files.

(Of course, you have read README by now anyway, haven't you?)

Thanks and regards

ajit bhaskaran