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I need Perl or AJAX developer

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Mar 25, 2008, 2:40 AM

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I need Perl or AJAX developer


What we really need urgently is a decent frontend coder who has extensive perl/catalyst/DBIx::Class experience paired with decent knowledge of the client side js/ajax framework dojo/dijit


We are looking for experienced developer to support our team, already built of 6 Perl developers, preferably full time.

The primarily goal of the project is building server-side solutions for web-based portals. Perl/DBI is a must, AJAX is a good-to-have solution.

90% of the work is to be done from Budapest, with some traveling to Vienna.

Please be preparred moving to Budapest in case of applying. We're happy to assist you in relocation, accommodation, etc.

Required skills:

Frontend developer:
- good CSS
- good AJAX
- Tempalte.pm (optional)
- Google maps api (optinal)

Backend developer:
- good in perl
- familiar with MVC model (Catalyst - optional)
- DBIx::Class (optional)
- Template.pm (optional)

ability to work independently, in a team

fitting into a startup environment, enthusiasm about the job.

Desired skills:

Google maps API
good command of English

extensive perl/catalyst/DBIx::Class experience

decent web frontend coder with js/ajax framework dojo/dijit.

URL for more information:


Contact information:

Balazs Benedek
InfomatiX Ltd.
Skype: balazsbenedek