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User names & Passwords?


Jan 8, 2000, 5:50 PM

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User names & Passwords?

I have a site that has one area that you need to purchase a membership to enter. I have the payment part completed. Now I need to find a script(s)? that will issue a user name and password if the credit card was approved. Am I looking for a database script? All of the password scripts I have found are just for protecting certain areas of the site (which I need to do also, I believe). I am a little confused and think I am barking up the wrong tree! Thanks for any input!

Administrator / Moderator

Jan 12, 2000, 3:56 AM

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Re: User names & Passwords?

What are you using to process payment? I mean, are you manually going back to your application to issue a username/password?

If you do need to password protect only a portion of your site (eg a subdirectory), you may be reinventing the wheel. The Perl Archive lists over 10 membership managers. The Account Manager by CGI Script Center may be just what you need.

If neither the Account Manager nor any of the Membership Managers listed do what you need, please post your unique program specifics and we'll be glad to try to help.

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