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need a command line executable program for a scenario

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Oct 10, 2008, 7:41 AM

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need a command line executable program for a scenario


i am very new to Perl....Currently iam undergoing training on perl,could you please help me in solving the following:

1. shop floor is the place where the product is actually made and lot of planning is involved to delivar the product on planned date. Three parameters are taken into consideration for the shop floor planning that is the reduce wasteage, improve quality and reduce costs. Take the input as the Reduce wastage and reduce costs for different dates of planning and print a report for the given schedules dates the reduce wastage and reduce cost shall always be less than or equal to dates of planning.

2. An hour accounting an application accounts for the actual hours spent by year, week and employee or by year, week day and employee. User can account for the hours spent on projects related to schedule and delivery orders. Take the values from the user for the follwoing parameters like project status as active,finishe or cancelled ,the delivery batch status is active,released or completed or the schedule details in progress or complete.Calculate the hours based on the status of the project schedule and delivery schedule dates based on the following formula net cost=(No of man hrs *(man rate+overhead rate) and factor=(gross-net)/net.).print a report for net cost Vs factor for different values accepting from the user.

Plz post a command line executable program. Thanks in advance....I need this ASAP. plz understand the situation.




Oct 10, 2008, 2:37 PM

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Re: [hisateesh] need a command line executable program for a scenario

I hope nobody helps you. It is unethical to expect other people to write code for you that you are expected to write yourself. Its one thing to ask for help, its another thing to beg for someone to write all your code for you ASAP.


Oct 10, 2008, 3:55 PM

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Re: [hisateesh] need a command line executable program for a scenario

Wow! You certainly are relentless. I told you over on Bytes.com (http://bytes.com/forum/thread844801.html) that you needed to do your own homework.

Good luck, but I think you will have to $$$ someone to do it, oooor, do it yourself (there's a novel idea, huh?).
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Oct 10, 2008, 9:03 PM

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Re: [numberwhun] need a command line executable program for a scenario

Why wasn't I invited to the party? Did you have popcorn, candy and drinks too?



Oct 29, 2008, 6:59 PM

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Re: [hisateesh] need a command line executable program for a scenario

See Elance.com

There are guys who will do this for a reasonable fee. You might ponder your specification a little. An RFQ for something like this should be at least a page or two.

Conveniently there are other guys who will help you with that too. For a reasonable fee.