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870728 - changing user of an ADSL modem


Oct 19, 2008, 1:59 AM

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870728 - changing user of an ADSL modem

i need a command line utility to change the username and password used by a HUAWEI SmartAX MT800 ADSL Modem to connect to the internet.
in general it may be done by bringing up IE or other browser, typing the modem ip in the address bar, entering username and password which is required to connect to the modem itself, going to the WAN Settings menu from the left to bring up the settings associated with it in the right frame, entering new username and password which must be used for connecting to the ISP in the boxes, and clicking on the submit button.
i may do it in the browser, it's too simple and i've not any problem with it, unless i may not be at home! :D
so i need a command line utility to do all of these for me, for example:
chpass.pl guest 1234, or
chpass.pl myaccount mypass
and schedule Windows to run these commands at specified times.
i'm a bit familiar with perl and have written some perl programs yet. but for this purpose, i think i've to use some perl modules. how? i don't know. i've never used any perl module yet.
so i decided to come to this forum and ask what i need.
i hope by using perl, there be a way to do that.