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Saw some similar items but...

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Jan 29, 2009, 12:56 PM

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Saw some similar items but...

I mayb not have serached thoroughly enough but I am looking to come up with a perl script that compares 2 .csv files and compares them to see which items are found and which ones are not. Basically I have two lists of host names that I am wanting to compare. One list will be a current system list that is reporting to our enterprise anti-virus solution and the other list will most of the time be new systems that have recently been configured to get their updates from our master system. I want to compare those lists and identify if the master list is showing the new systems already talking to it or print out "not found" or something similar if the system is not found in the master list. Hope that makes sense and if there is already something similar on this site please point it out and I will smack myself on the head. ;)