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remote logon to windows machine modify local user

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Feb 17, 2009, 4:39 AM

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remote logon to windows machine modify local user

Please provide me a method or script for opening remote connection to remote windows systems from a windows system for doing admin tasks like assigning a local user admin rights to the remote windows system.

Well Win32 Net:Admin can be I think, used for getting local user properties or group properties but how to open a session before doing any thing on the remote windows machine, can anybody provide the method to call remote windows session or login session

USAGE: LocalGroupIsMember (server, name, user)
DESCRIPTION: Queries local group name on server to see if user is a member. Returns TRUE if user is a member, FALSE if not

USAGE: LocalGroupAddUsers (server, name, users)
DESCRIPTION: Adds users to local group name on server. users can be a list of usernames or a list variable containing
multiple usernames

USAGE: LocalGroupGetMembers (server, name, \@users)
DESCRIPTION: Returns the usernames that are members of local group name on server to the array referenced by users.

I'm looking for a script to read the hostname, username, and password from a file, remotely connect to that Windows machine,

and create a new local user account or modify the local user account

Any help on this ....