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Keeping the site up to date


May 20, 2000, 3:29 AM

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Keeping the site up to date

Some comments from a junior member Smile

It would be nice if the list of Perl modules could be kept up to date in TPA : Perl Guide : Modules : *, especially for the standard modules available on CPAN.

And I know nobody's perfect, but moderators should at least try to avoid referring to examples that are at least 5 years out of date in terms of programming.
This only creates bad programming habits for other people.


May 20, 2000, 7:27 AM

Views: 8516
Re: Keeping the site up to date

Thank you for your suggestion.

We agree... the Modules section needs more attention. Because we are adding the modules ourselves manually (they're not being submitted by other people as are the other sections in the Guide), it tends to be updated "as time permits".

I'll make note in the moderators forum about referring to outdated examples.

Thanks again!