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Server CPU reporting my perl scripts?

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Mar 29, 2009, 8:22 AM

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Server CPU reporting my perl scripts?

Hi everyone,

So, I've written a web app... using perl. I've written a lot of scripts, but most of them do most of their work through one or two main .pm library files that I wrote.

Anyone have a good idea how I can see how well my server is doing? I think these sort of things are called "network monitors"?

I've never installed a network monitor before. We have just one server. Ideally, I want something simple to install, reliable, doesn't require me to read a manual longer than 1 page long to get started :)

Bonus points for a network monitor that doesn't even need to be installed on the server :) something that works just works over ssh, and uses the "top" program, for instance :)

Also... I'm thinking of using FastCGI... I tried mod_perl but I couldn't get over it's complexity. Any thoughts on that? I know dreamhost use fastCGI, and they are a reliable and simple hosting provider, so... even though I don't use dreamhost, I'd like to be inspired by their way of doing things.