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Why to delete your post


May 14, 2009, 4:55 AM

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Why to delete your post

Public Forums like Perl Guru make learning very fast . Yes there are textbooks and documentation but the public forums are a necessary add-on/ support to these. As far as learning is concerned Do we always learn when our or others problems are solved or do we or rather should we also not learn from ours or other persons mistakes?
Just go through the following
(1) You do not need to disclose your location or email id or even your real name to join/ post.
(2) You can always edit your posts.
Bearing the above Why should this forum allow for Deleting your post? Do we don't have a right to learn from other's/ our's mistakes. In fact, the basic philosophy is "The more you drag yourself in other peoples business the faster you learn".
I am arguing for larger societal benefit against a misplaced or misunderstood notion of personal liberty. A person who never discloses his identity or email and reserves the right to edit his code /post any number of times should not be allowed to delete his post.
Further as we all agree that codes "evolve" with time; by allowing for deleting a code/post we are aborting a course of evolution.
A far-fetched but a very relevant imagination is that (in present scenario) veterans or experienced people may also like anybody else (sometime) delete there post and then what about the relevance of this forum (to a learner) is anybodys guess.
-For all my suggestions " I am sure someone else can do it in a better or elegant manner!"

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