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Changing path of Mail::POP3Client module

Warren Bell

Feb 9, 2000, 1:43 PM

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Changing path of Mail::POP3Client module

I've got a spam filter for windows working using the Mail::POP3Client module. When I try to put it in my startup folder so it can run a check at startup it can't find the module located in a directory called Mail right off the directory it's in. Or it's not in my path.

What I want to be able to do is specify the path to the module in a directory that is in my path. How can I do this? Would it be somthing like:

use :Path:To::POP3Client;


Feb 9, 2000, 7:47 PM

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Re: Changing path of Mail::POP3Client module


The @INC is the path to your perl Modules.

If you want to change the path for a particular module(s) then do this:

unshift @INC, "C:\\windows\\desktop\\";

That Code will look for the module you want to use on your desktop.

Put this code at the top of your perl script.
This code will tell Perl where to find the module that you want to use.