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Connecting to Microsoft SQL Server SDF file

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Sep 9, 2009, 1:47 PM

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Connecting to Microsoft SQL Server SDF file

I just installed Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 Express edition, which comes with some sort of stripped down version of SQL Server. There is no tool to connect to the "local" database or add tables, but it does have the ability to create database files (sdf files), add tables, etc., within the development IDE.

My question is: How do you then connect to these databases in Perl? I tried creating an ODBC connection to the SQL server database, but there seems to be no way to tie a SQL server alias to the sdf file. I couldn't find anything in any of my Google searches that explains how to connect to this type of SQL server file in Perl.

Getting Perl to work with Access database files was fairly easy, I was hoping this would be too, but NOT!!!

Any help would be deeply appreciated. Thanks.