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inserting varchars with Sybase

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Nov 4, 2009, 4:59 PM

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inserting varchars with Sybase

on windows I made a perl script (Perl Express) using DBD::ODBC and a SQL Server ODBC connection that reads a text file into a string and stores it into a table as varchar(max). The varchar in the database preserved all formating characters. Now I need to move this to linux and when using Sybase, it will cut off the string I try to store at a certain width (appears to be the width of a single line which I think is 80).

So for example if I try to insert a string of 500 "w"s with no newlines in it, it will only insert a varchar of 80 "w"s.

This is the same database that was working 100% fine with my windows script.

Any ideas? thanks