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Unable to put data into file - cgi issue


May 19, 2000, 8:45 AM

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Unable to put data into file - cgi issue


I have a news applet that runs on cleartext, so I wanted to write a quick script that would allow us to post news over the web. I'm somewhat new to perl - that's probably why this isn't working. I open an input file, and basically put its contents into a big text box in a html form..then when the person hits submit, it's suppossed to re-write the changes to the file. I think my ISP uses IIS/Win NT.. the script runs on their server without errors - just doesn't write to the file. Now, when I run it on a local unix box, it works fine. Any ideas?
Here's the text version of the script... http://www.kieferbonfanti.com/news.pl.txt

Any the running script - not working properly... http://www.kieferbonfanti.com/news.pl


Joe Gadell


May 19, 2000, 4:09 PM

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Re: Unable to put data into file - cgi issue

Link not working.
Should post code.