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AOL vs IE vs Netscape and perl scripts


Aug 7, 2000, 8:15 AM

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AOL vs IE vs Netscape and perl scripts

I'm currently using a perl script that passes information from a mysql server to a web page that generates a photo gallery of thumbnails... When you click on a thumbnail another perl script grabs the information from the database and posts the information according to a unique number called a zrow.
Eg http://WWW.Maine.Com/scrubs/active_wear/gallery.html?zrow=38
Where the page should display the same information with a different picture from the database with the zrow 38. On IE it works fine, Netscape it works fine, Netscape on linux it works. AOL however searches for the page, then the request dies. Anyone have any clues? Do I need more arguments &letskeep=aolhappy& anything like that?

Any help would be appreciated, thank-you.


Aug 7, 2000, 7:29 PM

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Re: AOL vs IE vs Netscape and perl scripts

Another Mainah ... well, not exactly: I just live here. ;^)

Anyhoos, I don't know of any inherent problems that would affect only AOLers, but I doubt many others here could help w/o an AOL account.

Have you tried looking in your weblogs (or asking your admin to do so if you're unable to) to see if anything fishy is going on like timeouts/lost connections, etc.?