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Replace server side include

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Dec 21, 2010, 1:55 PM

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Replace server side include

My employer's web site is almost 100% ASP.Net, except for a couple of legacy applications that use Perl. From the following page (https://www.ci.independence.mo.us/buslicense/BLNewInTwnAddr.stm), I would like to add a simple server side include (ex: <!--#include file="include/test.htm"-->). The include works until you click the 'Search' button, which executes some Perl script, at which point the included content no longer appears. The only way I can think to get the include to work before and after the Perl script runs is to modify the Perl script to read the file path from the include tag, then do some kind of injection within the Perl script using the file path. I know next to nothing about Perl, so any help would be greatly appreciated!