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adding 0D 0A to a UTF-8 file.

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Feb 22, 2011, 10:53 PM

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adding 0D 0A to a UTF-8 file.

I am using perl v. 5.10.0 on a Vista 64 bit computer, trying to create a few lines in a file that I will later copy and paste into an XML file that uses UTF-8.

The XML file when viewed with "notepad" on a windows XP system shows what looks like text and arrow signs with a square between opposing arrow signs like this,,,,with [] representing the square.

lots of text>[]< lots of text>[]<lots of text

When viewed on a Vista machine using "notepad" you don't see the [] character and see instead a newline carriage return is displayed like this.

lots of text>

< lots of text>

<lots of text

I think the [] represents a char(13) character(10) i.e. \x0D \x0A i.e. I think x000D x000A .

But maybe it needs to be sent differently because it is for a UTF-8 xml file.

I tried to copy just the [] character into a text file and then used

my @odaoutput= <ODOA>;

print OUTFILE " some text>@odaoutput";


Everything I try ends up looking like a line feed carriage return, even on the XP system. Never does it look like the original [] when viewed on the XP system.

Can you help me please?

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Feb 22, 2011, 11:41 PM

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Re: [lukin4love] adding 0D 0A to a UTF-8 file.

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