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Posting problem

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Mar 29, 2011, 4:21 AM

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Posting problem


firstly sorry for my english ; >

so i try to post comment on wordpress cms...

use LWP::UserAgent; 

$ua = LWP::UserAgent->new(timeout => 5);

$post{$author} = "asssda";
$post{$email} = "asssad@wp.al";
$post{$url} = "http://saassd.pl";
$post{$comment} = "sss sss sss";
$post{$comment_post_ID} = 12833;
$post{$submit} = "Dodaj komentarz";

#this is example site where it does not work
$form = "http://cgk.czestochowa.pl/wp-comments-post.php";

$response = $ua->post($form, \%post);
print $response->as_string;

response is 200 but should be 302 and server should send cookie with author name, email, url... I was try with different headers, different post data (...) I spent few hours trying to solve this problem and results: NOTHING! : / On some servers this code works great...

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