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OSX GUI debugger?

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Aug 10, 2011, 9:31 AM

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OSX GUI debugger?

For years I have used a Shuttle with Debian for my Perl, and still have it for a backup. But, a couple of years ago I changed to a Mac as my platform - mainly because of the high quality laptop hardware. The GUI that comes with it is just icing. With OSX, all my Linux and Unix stuff runs fine. In fact, I have found very few 'nix programs that don't just load and run like they were on Debian.

Except... Perl-TK. Every time Apple does an update, PTK breaks. I fought it through the versions of Tiger, Leopard and Snow Leopard and hacked it into working. With Lion it seems to be broken big time, although I will eventually fix it or get a fix from somebody.

The only reason I care, is that I love the Perl ptkdb GUI debugger that runs with TK.

Right now I am using the old standby, Perl Debugger, and a module that I wrote to display variables on command.

So, my question is, any Perl/OSX users out there who know of another GUI debugger that they like? Or even one that they don't like? Not Eclipse - the perl modules won't load under Lion yet - at least not as of last week.