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Problem with Telnet to windows 64bit

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Aug 15, 2011, 2:26 AM

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Problem with Telnet to windows 64bit


I have some problem to telnet to Windows 64BIT, same script works just fine on windows 32 bit.

I use telnet.pm module

my function is:
sub OpenTelnetConectionWindows
my $lh_ref = shift;
my $host_ref = shift;
my $Account_ref= shift;
my $AccountPass_ref = shift;
my $TelnetLifeCheck;

my $this_subs_name = (caller(0))[3];
$$lh_ref->log("Function: $this_subs_name");

$$lh_ref->log_print("Open Telnet Conection on $$host_ref on account $$Account_ref.");

my $telnet = new Net::Telnet ( Timeout => 20000,
Prompt => '/[\w().-]*[\$#>:.]\s?(?:\(enable\))?\s*$/',
#Prompt => '/(?m:^[\w.&-]+\s?(?:\(config[^\)]*\))?\s?[\$#>]\s?(?:\(enable\))?\s*$)/',
#Prompt => '/C:\\\\>$/i',
Dump_log => 'dump.log',
Input_log => 'InputLog.txt',
Output_log => 'OutputLog.txt'
$telnet->waitfor('/\d*[Ll]ogin:\s*/'); #$telnet->waitfor('/login: $/i');
$telnet->waitfor('/\d*[Pp]assword:\s*/'); #$telnet->waitfor('/password: $/i');

my $str = 'hostname';
my @tmp = $telnet->cmd($str);
print @tmp;

return $telnet;

i get error message:
pattern match read eof at D:\Documents and....

then i add this lines:
my $str = 'hostname';
$telnet->errmode(sub {die @_ unless $_[0] =~ /eof/});
my @tmp = $telnet->cmd($str);
print @tmp;
but i dont get any prints, but when i try to print again i get:
write error: filehandle isn't open at D:\Documents and

than mean that telnet connection doesn't open

i work with input and dump log but i can't understand where i get wrong...

this function work on windows 32 bit.
Any suggestions?


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