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Need help, asap please!


Apr 3, 2000, 11:11 AM

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Need help, asap please!

I am a web developer in search of either a particular script and/or a programmer for some customization work.

I have a job that I am trying to bid on, which is to create an online dating service which will also have e-commerce capabilities. I need a database script, but have not been able to find one with all of the features that this client wants, hence the need for a programmer.

Some of the main features needed are: members area, upload pictures, ability for members to change their profiles/listings, and probably the most important which is they will be offering free trial period of approx. 2 weeks. The script needs to be able to send out automatic e-mails once the user(s) have exhausted their trial period, along with a link to allow them to purchase a membership if they wish. It also needs to have a feature of automatic deletion of listings that are older than 2 weeks whereas the member does not want to buy a membership.

If anyone has any advice on a particular script or method or is interested in some programming work with my company, please let me know as soon as possible. Thank you!