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a search script


May 1, 2000, 5:53 AM

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a search script

I am looking for a search script that will search my company web site, and return the results. I would like the script to return the page title, not the file name, and if possible, return a description... probably use <title> and <meta> tags for these two features.

Returning the page title is necessary, while the description is simply desirable. The easier to setup, the better (obviously), and since I work for a non-profit organization, I am really hoping to find a free scipt, although a small fee is better than no script at all.

Thanks everyone,


May 3, 2000, 6:56 AM

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Re: a search script

There's over 40 "web site search" programs at http://www.perlarchive.com/guide/Searching/Web_Site/

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