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XML Parsing Issue help needed please.

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Oct 24, 2011, 7:04 AM

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XML Parsing Issue help needed please.

Hi folks.

I have this piece of code which is causing me a few headaches.

I have marked what would be LINE 105 (as according to the error at the end......). It does parse everything else. I just cannot work out why this line 105 is a problem.

sub readProcessFile {
my $self = shift;
my $doc;
my $file = shift;
#my $content;
if(-e "$self->{PROCESSDIR}/$file"){
my $parser = new XML::DOM::Parser;
$doc = $parser->parsefile("$self->{PROCESSDIR}/$file");
if(! $doc){
return 0;
my $processes = $doc->getElementsByTagName('process');
my $n = $processes->getLength();
my @processes_array = ();
#read all processes
for(my $i=0;$i <$n ; $i++){
my %process_data = undef;
my $process = $processes->item($i);
my $process_attr = $process->getAttributes();
my $procid = $process_attr->getNamedItem("id");
$process_data{"id"} = $procid->getValue;
$process_data{"profile"} = "default";
$process_data{"profile"} = $process_attr->getNamedItem("profile")->getValue;

#read process parameters
for my $parameter ($process->getChildNodes){
-LINE-105- my $tag_name = $parameter->getTagName();
# get file by tag Name
if(lc($tag_name) eq "file"){
$process_data{$tag_name} = $parameter->getFirstChild->toString();
#get parameters
elsif(lc($tag_name) eq "parameter"){
my $param_name = $parameter->getAttribute("name") || undef;
if($parameter->getFirstChild && defined($param_name)){
$process_data{$param_name} = $parameter->getFirstChild->toString();

return @processes_array;
return 0;

Here is the XML to parse:

<ffencoderd><process id="1"> <file>IAmLegend-Trailer.mp4</file>

I get this error:

2011-10-24 14:38:16 : Can't locate object method "getTagName" via package "XML::DOM::Text" at /scratch/ffencoderd/ffencoderd/Queue.pm line 105.

If I remove the <file></file> in the XML file then the file is parsed ok but as expected nothing will happen :)

Can any of you PERL genius'es spot the issue please?

Many thanks.

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