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... extracts information from users' browser/workstation...


Jul 21, 2000, 10:40 PM

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... extracts information from users' browser/workstation...

...sort of a "caller-ID" script.

I run a youth baseball website, and am having trouble with kids posting profanity to the site. What I'd like to do is to try to convince the kids that I can trace them (and even possibly do it) by printing a panel on each page showing as much information as possible about them, up to and including their shoe size. Some elemements might be their IP, ISP name, workstation name, workstation operating system, workstation time, browser name and version... anything that might intimidate them into behaving.

I've seen several scripts in PERL and JavaScript that log these data, but I don't really want to build a giant log, only display it and possibly attach it to their postings.

Any suggestions are welcome, but I'd rather not invest a lot of time reverse-engineering a logging script.

Thanks in advance,