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VERY selective site search script needed


Sep 4, 2000, 8:27 AM

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VERY selective site search script needed


I'm looking for a Perl script ( preferably freeware ) which can search only particular areas of a webpage. I have 30 pages, each has the exact same table of links ( about 30 or 40 links ) being used as a navigation menu. I would like to exclude these from the search. Can anyone recommend a script that may work? I'm getting to many hits coming from the menu on each page, and nothing from the page content. I can't exclude any of these menu words because they are important within the content. I guess ideally what would work is a script which would ignore special characters placed around areas in the html. Like a stop and start character. Anything like this? Please email me directly at tohliam44@hotmail.com

Thank you!