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User Portal?


Jan 31, 2000, 8:22 PM

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User Portal?


I am looking for a program that will basically allow me to create a portal for user to signup and log in, and then display a webpage tailored to their interest/preferences. I want to display site news, local events (by zip code), and links to articles and archives within the site. Also displaying the latest news from each department on the site.

Is there a stock proggy out there that does this? Or is this something I am going to have to sit down and write myself after learning perl/CGI or MySQL/PHP?

Many thanks in advance!


Jan 31, 2000, 9:04 PM

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Re: User Portal?


I've never heard of or ever seen a prepackaged program that does this.

It would seem that, with the amount of preference options that portals which allow users to tailor the site to their preferences offer, that it would be near impossible to develop a standard prepackaged solution that would work for more than one site.

If you're daring and have time to study, you can't get a better program than if you develop it or hired someone to develop it specifically for your site.

Sorry I couldn't have been of more help. Good luck!