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Looking for a Mailing List Mgr. Script.....


Nov 5, 2000, 10:06 PM

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Looking for a Mailing List Mgr. Script.....

Hi all,

I am looking for a cgi script that will accomplish the following....

after a user/visitor to my site has paid for a subscription to a protected area of my site, he/she will then be redirected to a page where they will be able to subscribe to a mailing list.

The script must send a confirmation email that the user must reply to, in order to verify the email address and the OPTIN request.

Once verified they should get a welcome message with instructions on how to post messages to list members...

The users will then proceed to a page where he/she will login to the protected area and then click a link that will take them to a page where a form for enterting in the name, subject and message will reside. They will fill out the form, click send and the message will be sent to the list.

1. I have NO IDEA how to setup, configure or maintain majordomo....I'm not a ph.d. in computer science
2. I want this to be a web based and web administrated list....I don't want subscribers sending mail to the list from their email clients

The script should also be able to include the LIST NAME in the subject as well as a custom header and footer with unsubscribe directions etc.

In addition the script should NOT ALLOW the same person to login to SEND messages more than ONCE IN A 24 HOUR PERIOD...

I found a script that does this (ALMOST) called LISTMAIL....but for some reason, the script has so many syntax errors that even when it does work, certain functions fail or work in wierd ways with alot of those INTERNAL SERVER ERRORS...

What I am trying to do is set up a web-based OPTIN Email Marketing Safelist where the members of the list send messages to others through the web. Most safelists make the user download the list addresses and then send them messages on their own hoping that everyone will follow the rules, attach the disclaimers and unsubscribe info...By making this totally web-based we cut down on spam, and cheaters to the system

Any help is appreciated,


Nov 7, 2000, 4:47 AM

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Re: Looking for a Mailing List Mgr. Script.....

Try NoModomo it's a simpler version of MajorDomo