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Looking for a "Wish list" script


Nov 25, 2000, 2:59 AM

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Looking for a "Wish list" script

Does anyone know of a good 'wish list' or 'wedding list' script?

Essentially I am looking for a script that I can link to from an existing online catalogue that will allow users to maintain a list of items that they want to buy at a later date. A function should be included to allow other people to see the list or for the list owner to send the list to others. Each item on the list should be accompanied by a link back into the main catalogue.

Ideally I would like to find a cheap or free ready made script that could be customised - if anyone knows of one please let me know!

Failing that if this sounds like an easy project for anyone out there please feel free to email me with a rough idea of what it may cost.

Thanks all. Mat