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Localhost/Webserver software and perl/cgi advice

Conor Davies

Nov 8, 2000, 3:49 AM

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Localhost/Webserver software and perl/cgi advice

I need advice on setting up and running a webserver on my computer so that I can test Perl/cgi scripts using http://localhost before I upload them to our main website hosted elsewhere.
Iíve tried Savant 2.1, but not even the test scripts that came with it will run (the .pl one) although the .exe runs fine.
Iíve tried Apache, but I was unable to install ActivePerl, despite following instructions very carefully.
Iíve gone as far as my experience/skills will take me (Iím not a programmer, I just use scripts from the web, cutting/pasting and editing when I think I understand what I want!)
Iíve successfully built my own site, and I run scripts from it with no problems (Hamweather).
Can anyone suggest a webserver program that I could try, that comes with Perl?
Or, how to install Perl into Apache?
How do I set CHMOD attributes locally Ė maybe thatís why Savant wonít work?
Please send advice, Iíve spent the last week on it and Iíve got nowhere!
Thanking anyone in advance for any words of wisdom.
Conor Davies


Nov 12, 2000, 5:13 AM

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Re: Localhost/Webserver software and perl/cgi advice

If you're on Win9x, then I highly recommend Omnihttpd. I don't think it came with perl, but activeperl should be easily enough installed. What problems are you having with activeperl?

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